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California Avocado Tomatillo Soup

California Avocado Tomatillo Soup

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One of the reasons I love living in a desert climate: cool evenings and mornings. Even when it gets to be hot during the days, most nights and mornings are cool (sweater weather cool). This means I’m still able to happily enjoy my warm evening meals and my hot morning coffee (I’ve just never been able to jump on the iced coffee train).

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Of course, I still have times where things don’t line up. I want creamy, hot soup but the it’s still hot in the evening. While I’ve made soup before when it’s hot, it’s nice to have a line-up of creamy, cool soups. It still hits the spot but doesn’t compete with the late evening heat.

This avocado tomatillo soup really gets it’s depth from roasted tomatillos. They add a nice level of flavor and brightness to the soup. Add to that all of the favorites (lime/cilantro); it’s one creamy, delicious vegan soup. One quick note: avocado season in California is about to come to an end. Be sure to pop over to your grocery store and pick up a few before the season is over!

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